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Organization chart

The Department of Mechanics of Simón Bolívar University is a key element of the Physics and Mathematics Division 

Head of the Department of Mechanics

  • Prof. Boris Bossio

Department's Advisory Council

  • Prof. Carlos Corrales,  Head of Fluids Mechanics, Rational Mechanics and Dynamics of Machines Section
  • Prof. William Annichiarico, Head of Design, Resistance of Materials and Structures Section
  • Prof. María Virginia Candal, Head of Polymers Section
  • Prof. Verónica Di Graci, Head of Process of Manufacturing Section
  • Prof. Boris Bossio, Head of the Department of Mechanics

Credentials Committee 

  • Prof. Luis Medina
  • Prof. Omar Zurita
  • Prof. Nataly Moreno (Department of Energy Converssion).

 Professorial Representatives

 Office of the Dean of Research and Development

  • Prof. María Virginia Candal.
  • Prof. Armando Blanco (Substitute).

Representatives in Other Departments 

Advisory Council of the Coordination of Materials Engineering

  • Prof. Rosa Amalia Morales.
  • Prof. Gabriel Torrente.

Administrative Staff

  • Administrative Assistant:   Mrs. Yumelys Cardenas